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January 19th, 2007 Entry Filed under: Fruit & Vegetables

Fruit & Vegetables

Australia being in the southern hemisphere is blessed with the conditions to grow a vast variety of fruit and vegetable. The climate ranging from tropical to temperate allows the harvesting of quality produce along with a huge variety. The difference in climate of the northern half from the southern gives Australia a unique advantage to produce a single item all year round.

Also buying produce from Australia through Shencorp assures that you get good quality produce, free from pollution. The green land and cool blue sky helps to ensures that the produce you receive is full of life. The fruit range includes seasonal items such as plums to fruits available all year round like pears and apples. Australian grown vegetable ranges from seasonal produce like Asparagus to produce available all year round like broccoli and lettuce.

For inquiries about Australia’s extensive range of quality fruit & vegetables please contact Shencorp Australia Pty Ltd.

The complete seasonal chart can be found below.


Vegetable Seasonal Chart


Fruit Seasonal Chart