February 6th, 2007 Entry Filed under: Meat

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Australia is the world’s largest meat exporter. The country’s vast size includes a diverse climate and geographical condition that enable speciallist producers to raise various breeds of farm animals. The quality of the meat is top class with the animals being rared in a stress free, pollution free environment making it naturally tastier and leaner.

Shencorp has created a sales network that provides our clients with the very best Australian meat products from the right places and delivered to them at the right time. Various cuts are available in the Beef, Veal, Lamb, Mutton or Pork segment. Besides that we can also source Poultry, Smallgoods and Game Meat (Kangaroo, Crocodile, Venison, Emu, Ostrich, etc.) from our numerous suppliers. Our suppliers are focused on raising livestock in a clean, green, safe and a stress free environment while we offer a premium product to our clients, giving attention to details.

The safety measures taken to ensure the quality of the meat that reaches our clients located around the world is considered to be the world best. A detailed list of safety precautions used are outlined on the website

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