February 8th, 2007 Entry Filed under: Sea Food

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Australian fisheries are fortunate in being able to operate in one of the world’s cleanest environments. Australian seafood is an integral part of its international image as a clean and environmentally responsible country. It is situated in one of the most diverse marine faunas in the world because of its geographical isolation from other continents as well as the different types of habitat found surrounding the region.

As a result, this diversity and cleanliness of aquatic environment enables the Australian fisheries to supply its vast array of delicious and healthy seafood products to the world through Shencorp and other exporters.

About 600 seafood species caught in Australia are sold under about 300 marketing brands for local and overseas consumption. Australia is one of the largest producers of abalone and rock lobster while the south sea pearls are considered the most valuable in the world.

Currently more than 60 seafood species are being farmed including Pearl oysters, Pacific and Sydney Rock oysters, mussels, prawns, freshwater crayfish, native fish, salmon, tuna, eels, crocodiles and algae.

For inquiries about Australia’s extensive range of quality seafood products please contact Shencorp Australia Pty Ltd.