February 15th, 2007 Entry Filed under: Dairy Products

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Australia is highly regarded as a world-class producer of milk and dairy products. It has one of the most efficient dairy industries in the world, helped by the country’s lush pastures, disease free cows and strict quality control. Australian dairy products come from cows that spend most of their time grazing on pasturelands, rather than being kept in barns and only grain-fed. This difference is not only visible in the colour of Australian butter and cheese, but may also provide consumers with health and taste benefits arising from the more natural setting for the Australian dairy herds.

The main dairy based export items being supplied by Shencorp are milk, milk powder, yoghurt, desserts, butter and cheese. We supply our clients with the highest quality niche dairy products readily available in Australia.

We at Shencorp also offer an extensive range of quality low fat dairy products which in particular are proving extremely popular. Products aimed at sports people, dieters, the young and the elderly include a range of milks: flavoured/ low fat/ calcium and protein rich; luxury dairy products such as rich ice-creams, fromage- frais varieties and a wide range of cheeses, including King Island Brie, Gippsland Blue and cheese with fruit.

For inquiries on any of the Australian dairy products including quotes please contact our sales team.