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Black Swan’s founder Christos Saristavros loved his food and used his family’s
recipes to produce dips which he sold at the South Melbourne market. From those humble beginnings some 15 million containers find their way into Australian homes every year making Black Swan Australia’s favourite dip. These days their recipes are constantly changing reflecting the dynamic nature of the international community.

Due to ever growing customer demand for new and exciting flavours, Black Swan now produce over twenty flavours of dip from traditional to chunky and double layered premium dips. At Black Swan they not only produce Dips but also Yoghurts, Cheeses and a range of Antipasto.

Shencorp Australia provides these mouth-watering flavours to you chilled direct from the factory outlet. Being located in the same area, we have formed good ties with Black Swan and this closeness helps us to get cheaper prices for the product which enables us to pass on these fringe benefits on to our clients. These mouth watering flavours would suit any taste and therefore a must try for everyone.

The range of Black Swan products available can be found below. For additional information please contact Shencorp Australia.

Traditional: Hommus, Caviar, Avocado, Corn Relish, Char-Grilled Eggplant, French Onion, Roasted Capsicum, Spinach & Pinenut, Spring Onion, Sun Dried Tomato, Cheese and Chives, Guacamole, Tzatziki, 4 Pack Aussie Dips
Skinny: Tzatziki, Eggplant, French Onion, Hommus, Spicy Capsicum, 4 Pack Skinny Dips
Chunky: Chunky Roast Pumpkin with Coriander, Chunky Chilli Tomato Basil & Parmesan, Chunky Basil Chilli & Pinenuts, Chunky Red Capsicum, Chunky Rocket with Parmesan, Chunky Avocado with Chilli & Lemon
2-UP: Smoked Salmon & Avocado, Roast Pumpkin Spinach & Pinenuts, Baby Spinach With Ricotta, Tuna & Avocado
Poseidon: Caviar, Hommus, Tzatziki
Gourmet: Gourmet Hommus

Low Fat Traditional Greek Style Yoghurt, Traditional Greek Style Yoghurt

Sweet Chilli with Cream Cheese, Sweet Chilli with Tomato, Sweet Chilli with Ginger

Chunky Chilli Tomato Dip and Twist, Chunky Avocado Dip and Twist, Chunky Basil Dip and Twist

Antipasto Mix, Kalamata Olives with Peppers, Semi-Dried Tomatoes, Green Olives Stuffed with Fetta

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Bulla Dairy Foods is an Australian owned family company making premium quality dairy products in country Victoria since 1910. Its traditional dairy skills have been passed down through five generations and today it continues to provide first class products that maintain that unmistakable taste of real dairy, country goodness.

The Bulla brand is among the leaders in Australia’s dairy products market. Bulla remains the biggest selling branded cream on the Australian market and is one of the major ice cream makers. Bulla’s diversity of production and technological innovation has won it many prestigious awards. Exponential sales growth is being experienced throughout the Asia Pacific region- including the discerning Japanese market.

Shencorp has been exporting Bulla products to supermarkets across East Asia since its inception. It has formed a great bond with the company and receives good support from the manufacturer. We can also help to get our clients cheaper prices for these amazing products. In order to avail from this promotion, get quotes or find more information on this line, please contact Shencorp at the earliest.

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List of Specials

List of Specials